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β€œVictor has upgraded everything he's touched, including my business. I'm on track to the best-performing year in Real Estate after 18 years in the industry. I've officially been "VIC'D", a term I coined after seeing him successfully transform multiple businesses. I appreciate everything he's done for me.”

Tim Clarke, Realtor President, TMC Team

β€œI've worked with Victor for many years, and I don't know anyone better at SEO... and I've looked. Victor is an absolute wizard and I have on multiple occasions referred him to clients who said, and I quote, "I'm great at SEO, I don't need help..." ...they all hired him. You should too.”

Garret DaileyFounder, Lucid Consulting

β€œVictor is an energy magnet and artist. He is easy to connect with and definitely has a level of integrity that is uncommon. Just speaking with him catalyzed my own awareness of my voice and mission.”

Taylor Burrowes, PhDThe Vetting Specialist

β€œHe's the best SEO in the game. Certified Abrasive.”

Shane HunterThe Abrasive Entreprenuer

β€œVic is one of the smartest people I know. His systems have helped my company grow beyond expectation. This guy knows more information about stuff than any one person has a right knowing. Work with him!”

Frank MarinaPro-Choice Contractors

β€œVic is a master at SEO and a wizard with no-code automations / workflows. He is a BEAST at training new team members to be independent profit-makers at marketing agencies within weeks, as he's an awesome teacher. Vic has also been fantastic at any research task thrown at him!”

John GiuffreFounder, Logos Productions

β€œVic thoroughly analyzed my site's technical SEO issues that had been frustrating me for years and provided clear, practical solutions to fix them. I'm very happy with the time spent working with him.”

Jonathan PritchardBusiness Consultant

β€œVic is the kind of guy you can say β€œI have a problem, figure out how to solve it” β€” and he will. He’s familiar with a wide variety of tools & capable of weaving them into complex automated systems.”

Mike EliasFounder, Ideamarket

β€œVic gave me clear, actionable SEO advice in just 30 minutes that has already helped boost my website traffic. I went from struggling to understand SEO to having a much stronger grasp and a plan to improve my site.”

Asad ChistyFounder, DailyBeat