How I Relearn SEO Every Single Day

SEO is a tough discipline, you have to practice.

SEO is not a fixed practice, like PPC. It's fluid.

Interest over time changes. Writing style changes. Information density changes.

Knowing what works for current SEO standards happens in two places: in your mind and on search engines.

The first comes down to knowing about the brain and how it organizes information.

This breaks down further into semantics, linguistics, and etymology.

I will not be explaining those concepts in this writing but is an overarching theme to everything you'll be reading / I'll be writing about.

The Internet Is A Reflection Of How Information Is Stored In The Brain

Mental associations of subject matter is the primary function of a search engine.

It's form to thought.

The structure of an idea lies within the connections that can be drawn between them.

That's how's the 'search' part is built.

Here are some examples of this framework in action, with two different endgoals.

This example is a 3D structure of the concepts in your website, as interpreted by a search engine crawler (otherwise known as a spider).

The sitemap of one of my client’s sites, worked on the last few years.

This example is a node map of all the subjects I have studied since I was 18, as described by thousands of hours worth of study and writing.

A screengrab of my obsidian vault.

Both of these examples are visualization of how information relates to itself.

It's a reflection of humanity's understanding presented from the framework of seeking an answer without knowing it.

  • The internet is the brain.

  • The website; individual brain cells.

  • The search engine; connection between them.

  • The search query; sensory input.

  • The search result; you get the idea.

You have to keep asking the question. You have to dig.

Learn how to ask good questions. Inquisitive questions. Investigate. Find new ways to ask. Refine. Repeat.

You don't get paid to answer the basic shit, you get paid for the result.

That's the point of the website: to answer that basic shit and get the traffic to convert and interact with you, after they've sold themselves, because of your content.

ProtipHow many of your competitors provide your level of service? What objections do you encounter during the sales process? These are the angles you need to be exploring in your website.

It becomes a sales team that runs 24 hours a day.

See how that works?

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