The Untold Bond Between Marketing & WWII

You will 'not-see' this coming.

Think about this for a second.

Marketing works to define and segment the audience it is targeting, in order to better 'serve their needs' (this is arguable).

When you think about the best forms of marketing, the stuff that gets people to react to what they're looking at — it's specific, jolts an emotional response, and compels an action. Which for most people in today's day and age, that's making a purchase online.

So at what point did humans become okay with this innocuous micro-segregation?

Turns out, no one did.

Marketing in its current form, as it relates to using some form of measurement against effectiveness of the campaigns themselves, didn't exist before WWII.

There was marketing. Marketing has existed as long as markets have. I've argued in the past that communication is a basic form of marketing in my earlier 20s.

So World War II happens, what would you assume is the nearest living relative to marketing that would coincide with the deadliest conflict known to humanity?


Bernays and his crafty crew of word-spinners created the world that we know live in today.

They say the Allied powers won, but how true can that be if we're living in a world designed by the losing side?

That doesn't make much sense to me.

The point of the matter is, without a clear distinction of who it is that needs to be purchasing from you, you're not going to reach them. Not in any way that matters.

If we're to take me as the example, my segmentation looks something like:

  • Business Owner

  • Executive Suite

  • Upper Management

  • Has a website

  • Offers a service or product

  • Has been in business longer than 5 years

  • Has a website built before 2018, better if before 2010

  • Understands the internet is important but has been lost to changing times

  • Relies on traditional or alternative forms of marketing in order to reach their audience

  • Is not leveraging their existing website in ways that are conducive to organic search

  • This is where I come in

Someone who meets a handful of these bullets is someone I want to speak to.

You have to know your audience the same way.

I may end up writing about 'how' you go about doing that in a later edition.

Until then, you’ll have to deal with these non-segmented, non-edited, off-the-dome rants.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading.

Your Valentine,

Victor V.

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