The Future of the World is Unfolding Today

You're given 20 minutes to explain yourself, all of it. What do you say?

Warning: This is gonna be a long one.

Everything is accelerating, technology is moving at a pace not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Consider the implications of how the use of artificial intelligence will (or is) changing your industry and the way you do work.

It doesn't matter what you do or how you contribute to the economy, you're going to be affected by the incoming wave of language genies, helpdesk chats, AI assistants, and many more interfaces.

Riveting to think about, but the consequences will be far-reaching and extreme.

We've got the rest of this decade until these language and creativity emulators start having thoughts that are smarter than the collective human consciousness.

That's really something to think about.

I bring all this up because last night I was at a restaurant tasting for a new spot opening up here in Raleigh.

It's new. New new. Website isn't up and not found on Google Maps, new.

The food was amazing, the drinks were stellar, the conversations had were full of intrigue.

I sat next to a woman that had a skill for getting straight to the point. In what felt a few minutes (*in reality - it was over an hour*) she had me break down the following:

1. The story of how I got my name

2. What I do in life

3. What I do for work

2 & 3 are the same. The conversation unfolded from who named me, whether that has had an impact on my life (it has), what I do for work, what I do for fun, where I come from, how I got to Raleigh, what my goals are, and how I will get there.

It wasn't long before I was showing her my obsidian vault & how I've organized my life's work.

She was receptive at first, but her intrigue turned to disgust when she understood what I was seeking to accomplish.

"That's like the shape of your ideas... the shape of your brain!"

I hadn't explained it in those words. I was careful not to implant those ideas, I showed her the link view of my vault and that was her reaction.

"I feel as though... you are more easily controlled when you have all this information laid out for anyone to find."

Is she wrong? Not in the slightest.

But I'd thought this line down was before this conversation.

The hard fact no one can deny: the influence of your mind is happening whether or not you're aware of it. To frame any semblance of this understanding as 'dangerous' is outright ignoring the reality of how the world works.

So I told her this, and it was hard for her to refute.

I asked her what would the alternative be? How does a person go about documenting themselves in a way that doesn't get tracked? Notebooks? Hieroglyphs?

She admitted that she too uses writing to keep track of things. The conversation soon moved to, "You should be preparing this information for your future generations and descendants!"

I've learned in recent years the importance of not bursting bubbles. It isn't right. People have ideas all the time. So I've gone a long way to ensure that I don't diminish someone for coming to the natural conclusion that I had myself at an earlier time.

It's more important to discover that someone shares the idea with you, than it is to look like the guy that 'figured it out first'.

By this point, we're coming toward the end of our meal, and we begin to wind down for the night. It was a group of about 8 people - myself being the youngest one present. Everyone else was older. I did little talking to the wider group as this conversation was over dinner.

All of that to say, what?

She handed me her card, and she's an Honorary French Consulate.

I had spent the last hour spilling my guts on anarchist philosophy, the power of the individual, & mapping out your own mind.

Something must have convinced her, because her demeanor softened before she left, as though the ideas I shared stirred something within her.

"You know, you've got me thinking."

Good. That's the goal.

But what is that goal?

That depends on what you do for life.

I've seen this system work in different circumstances:

- For creatives and business types.

- For people that think in words and people that think in pictures.

- For those that are young (and those that are old).

I'll unfold this system for you as I move through more writing.

But this email is long, we'll talk tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

— Vic.

P.S. — What's your map-worthy idea? Drop me a response and let me know. I respond to each one.


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